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Project Roadmap & Information Gathering 

At PR&P Architects our goal is always to make sure that the Project Scope, Schedule and Budget are clearly identified. These vital and completely interrelated elements provide an effective roadmap for everyone on the project team. 
We will begin the project by looking at the work completed previously including the just completed RTC Vision Statement. We will look at existing processes and resources including any studies that have been completed for the projects such as seismic reports and surveys. We will also request updated SF State building standards at this time. 

Master Plan Services, Milestones and Deliverables 

Community Outreach 
Our design expertise and ability to create buildings that are “good neighbors” to other buildings on campuses, has been a hallmark of the firm’s founder and senior staff for more than two decades. 

We also have a long track record of success in building consensus with local groups to move projects forward. Our team brings with it a significant relationships with the Marin County and local Tiburon area. Scott Hochstrasser as mentioned above has done considerable amount of work in the area. Our Landscape Architect, David Schwartz is based in Mill Valley and has done quite a bit of work in the area. He is also a member of the EcoDesign Collaborative. Sim Van der Ryn has based in Marin for decades and has significant relationships with community groups throughout the County. 

Paul Roberts is a professionally trained Meeting Facilitator and has a well developed toolkit of strategies of bringing in community input in productive and focused ways. 

Creating Value 

Paul Roberts and our entire team are obsessive about Creating Value for our clients through the use of appropriate and cost effective materials and assemblies. We work proactively with our Cost Planners to make sure that all estimates are accurate and indicate the full scope of the project. Our record for having projects come in on or under Bid is simply outstanding. 

If projects are over budget we work proactively and collaboratively with the rest of the team including Consultants, Clients and Construction Managers to identify items that can be eliminated or cut back. We also typically identify items that are on the bubble that are listed as Additive Alternates, which if the Bids permit, can be added back to the project. 

Ability to meet Tight Deadlines 

PR&P Architects has developed a reputation for meeting exceptionally tight deadlines on projects. On a recent project for City College of San Francisco at their John Adams campus we were able to condense three phases, that would normally take eight to nine months to complete, to less than nine weeks. In meeting that deadline we produced a well coordinated set that both City College and the California Community College system representatives told us was more complete than they typically received. We also were able to complete the project for less than the budgeted fees. The exceptionally tight schedule was vital to the District to ensure that $23.6 million dollars in funding from the State was allocated for the project. 


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