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At PR&P we are not interested in creating a specific style, rather we focus on basic principles of great design. Underlying these principles is the desire to create a project that fulfills the client's practical needs and aspires to their dreams. First and foremost buildings need to respond to their surrounding environment whether this is an urban neighborhood or the open countryside. We feel that the buildings should be properly oriented to the sun, predominate breezes, topography, geography and views. In addition the building needs to relate properly to its neighborhood, adjacent buildings and land uses. This relationship includes enhancing connectivity to desirable amenities and screening from less desirable elements.

We feel that it is important to create desirable spaces for people to gather, functional spaces to house specific programatical requirements and finally clear paths of travel to link all these spaces together in order to make the building user friendly. Creating great spaces is really about creating great "places". A sense of place can be created in a building like the Suisun Library by utilizing materials, proper room proportions and generous amounts of glazing in order to create a comfortable atmosphere in which to read or participate in a community meeting. Places can be created outdoors between buildings, as in the plaza adjacent to the Mission College Student Center, which facilitate opportunities for people to meet and interact on their way to classes.

Utilize light, both natural and artificial, in order to have a positive effect on the people who live or work in a building. At PR&P we believe that orienting the building in order to take advantage of natural day lighting is a key element in creating a pleasant environment within a building.

Finally one of the most elusive guiding principles is the creation of delight. A building needs to have a special quality that entices the user to "love" a building and visit it again and again. A cozy window seat becomes a perfect place for a child to read a book such as in the Columbia College Child Development Center. The light filled dining room at Mission College Student Center becomes the heart of the campus. Although the principle of delight can produce a functionally valuable amenity, it is the indescribable quality of mystery and sense of wonder or fun that makes a building delightful.

At PR&P we utilize these principles in order to create architecture that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable to be in.

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