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PR&P has a track record in being at the forefront of creating sustainably designed facilities that provide a wonderful sense of place. We create buildings with plentiful natural light and use natural ventilation whenever possible that results in an exceptional level of energy efficiency. We look at materials in a holistic way. Our projects demonstrate that applying the principles of sustainable design will be fundamental to the success of the project.
At it's root, sustainable design is really "High Performance" design. Recent studies have proven that if considered at the Concept stage, sustainable buildings do not cost more than standard buildings. The additional benefit to the College is that they result in "Healthier" buildings as well as lower maintenance & energy costs over many decades of use for buildings.

We look at Sustainable Design across a broad spectrum and guide our clients through an interactive process to determine what your project's design will be. At the core is our belief that Sustainability is not something you apply as a veneer, but rather as a core value and approach to design. Thus we do not design the building and then try and make it energy efficient.

What many other design firms who are busy getting LEED certified for marketing reasons don't yet understand, is that the most impact comes from real knowledge about putting a building together beginning with orientation, site exposure, building organization and integration with the landscape, etc.

Paul Roberts was the Project Manager and Sustainability Expert for Ellerbe Becket during the Programming and Schematic Design Phases of the project. Another firm in the role of Architect of Record was brought on board after the Sustainability Design features for the project had been established and the project design largely completed.

Steve Allen studied under William McDonough while getting his BS in Architecture from the University of Virginia and concentrated on sustainable design throughout his education. Steve's final project was the creation of a solar house for the First Solar Decathlon held on the Mall in Washington DC. This 2 year engineering and architectural collaboration was awarded first prize in Architecture and Second place overall. In addition to experience in architecture, Steve has first hand experience on Bay Area organic farming and community building while working at Hidden Villa Farm and Youth Camp. Steve has continued to push the sustainable envelope while working at PR&P for the last 6 years.

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