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2011 CAEYC Conference Presentation

Paul Roberts in collaboration with key staff and faculty from Columbia College has been selected to present a workshop on Collaborating to Create Extraordinary Places for Children at the 2011 CAEYC Conference in Sacramento in April 2011. Presenting with Paul will be Kathy Sullivan, Senior ECE Instructor; Adrienne Seegers, ECE Instructor & Tiffeny Flies, Columbia Child Development Center Director.

The presenters have spent the last four years collaborating to bring a marvelous and very special new Child Care and Family Services Center to reality at Columbia College in the Sierra Foothills of California. The session is designed to share our insights and learning from this process from the perspective of the center's director, two highly engaged faculty members, and the center's architect.

Topics to be covered include: Programming and planning; Picking a site; How to work effectively with Architects, Contractors and Facilities staff (And understand their lingo); Creating a child centric design; Effective budgeting of projects; and Surviving construction and start-up.

Reference: Columbia College Child Care & Family Servives Center

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