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2008 Wrap Award

PR&P Architects is a proud recipient of the 2008 WRAP Award from the California Integrated Waste Management Board (

Waste Reduction Awards Program honors California businesses and nonprofit organizations for incorporating waste reduction, reuse, and recycling efforts into their daily business activities in order to steer their communities towards zero-waste and minimize their eco-footprint.

In 2007 PR&P recycled nearly 4,000 pounds of materials and diverted an additional 2,000 pounds of solid waste. PR&P is constantly looking for ways to reduce its ecological footprint. This includes constantly searching for compatible office supplies made from recycled and repurposed content.

PR&P is in the process of converting the entire office to a paper free system for communications, records and drawing coordination. This will enable faster and more accurate communication and reduce paper and material usage. In addition, this practice will save money for both the firm and clients.

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