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Suisun Library Grand Opening

City Dignitaries, Library Staff and members of the community all gathered today to celebrate the Grand opening of the Suisun Library.

PR&P designed the new Community and Elementary School Joint-use Library, using a collaborative approach with the Library staff, the surrounding community, city officials and the school district.

The design is based upon the clearly expressed desire from the community to create a building that fits well in the predominately residential neighborhood.

"The new Suisun City Library embodies an innovative use of public space." (

As a joint-use facility, there are two separate entrances to the Library, one for the community and a secure entrance dedicated to the elementary school during the day.

The facility also includes a 15 seat computer center, a study room, and a community meeting room that doubles as an In-Library Classroom during the day. The library is truly a gem to the community and an asset to the school.

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