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Mission Campus Center

This 40,000 square foot facility includes an "International Cafeteria", full kitchen and servery, computer technology classrooms and center with 125 computers , campus bookstore, Student Government and Dean's Office facilities, conference center, student activity rooms and the campus police station.

The building is sited between the existing teaching/administrative building and existing parking and serves as a gateway into the heart of the campus in tandem with a new library facility that was built across from the student campus center. A new outdoor plaza area was inserted between the student campus center, library and existing facilities and serves as the new "heart" of the campus; one that enhances the students sense of community, fitness and fun.

While working at BSA Architects Paul Roberts and Alden Marsh also completed a renovation/infill project in the existing teaching/administrative building which included demolition of the existing cafeteria and student bookstore and provision of new facilities for various student services.

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