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Life Expression Wellness Center

This 5400 square feet Life Expression Wellness Center was designed to reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding areas.

The design and structure exemplify unprecidented quality and understanding of the client's and patient's needs. Thoughtful comforting spaces for patient care, indoor air quality, and energy conservatoin are just a few of the features that represent the attentiveness and ingeniuty that were put into this project. Patients are warmly welcomed in a covered entry terrace and drive through carport which extends from the front of the center.

The most stunning aspect of the center is the green roof. The wood frame structure was constructed using engineered glulam beams. Recepient of the 2004 GRHC North American Green Roofs of Excellence Award, this green roof aids in storm water management, decreases heating and cooling costs, and contributes to biodiveresity conservation.

Completion Date 2004
Size 5,400 SF
Construction Cost $2,000,000


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