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Outdoor Playscapes

We believe with great passion that children deserve beautiful and varied outdoor spaces. These spaces are every bit as important as indoor environments, and perhaps even more so, since almost every activity that takes place indoors can also happen outdoors, as well as many others that can only happen outside.

We have a strong preference for creating spaces that include natural elements whether it is for an urban center with a very small yard; a playscape in a rural area or a center in a desert environment. We design each playscape to reflect a sense of place appropriate to the local area.

Outdoor Playscapes

Many children’s outdoor spaces fail because designers do not understand the range of activities and learning that should happen outdoors. We strongly believe that a well designed outdoor playscape is every bit as complex to design as a hospital or science lab. At PR&P we create vital, active learning environments for children.

At PR&P we have made it our mission to understand spaces from the children’s and staff’s viewpoint.

Good playscape design requires an understanding of developmentally appropriate practices, children’s scale, reasonable safety, and a need for nature.





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